Street Fighter V’s Latest Update Includes Urien, Versus CPU Mode

Capcom is releasing new content for Street Fighter V this week for regular players and owners of the game’s DLC Season Pass.

Players who bought the Season Pass will gain access to an all new character, Urien, who makes his introduction on the Capcom blog. The Vice President of the Illuminati will be available as a fighter on both Steam and PlayStation and is also purchasable with Fight Money if you don’t want to shell out for the pass.

Additionally, players who want to earn Fight Money can now participate in fighting new Daily Targets, making it perfectly viable to enjoy the new content without spending real money.

Owners of the Season Pass will also gain access to colors 3-10 and battle costumes for every DLC character. If you don’t own a pass, you can still buy premium costumes that comes with the new color schemes. If you’ve already bought a premium costume, you’ll get the colors for free as a retroactive bonus to what you already own.

Finally, Capcom is releasing a Versus CPU mode and environmental stage KOs to certain stages.

The new update will go live on PC and PS4 on September 22.