A Look at the Hearts of Iron IV “Sunflower” Patch


Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Interactive is a World War II strategy game that was released back in June 2016. It puts the player in control of a number of different nations during war-time. You research technology and develop the tools you need to outfit your military with the best possible guns, ships, planes, and tanks in order to dominate against the major opposing global powers of the era. To push that experience further, Paradox Interactive has added a major “Sunflower” update patch to help polish the gameplay and story.

The most noticeable difference when it comes to multiplayer is the ability to join a match in progress, jumping in during the middle of battle. Your online match-ups will maintain more consistency with the ability to re-sync your connection without needing to rehost. The game’s A.I. has been tweaked for the sake of efficiency (they optimize their templates, and cancel unnecessary production actions), and they also make less risky decisions (they won’t throw everything at North Africa, or risk encirclement). If you want control over how much of a challenge you’ll have, custom difficulty settings let you change the power scaling of Germany, France, the Soviet Union, and Italy. The entire change log covers the vast scope of what this patch covers: from every A.I. tweak, to the user interface, down to modding compatibility, and the overall game balance and bug squashing. If you’re a history buff, they even took some time to spruce that up a bit.

Hearts of Iron IV is available for PC (Mac/Linux). To learn more about the game, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook for it.