Gameplay Footage Surfaces Of Rejected Silent Hill Pitch

Konami is not on the good graces for quite a few gamers out there and it seems that more troubling news is emerging online from the studio, with the most recent debacle being the reception around the latest installment to Metal Gear.  Now a new video has surfaced online that shows off gameplay footage of a Silent Hill video game pitch that was ultimately rejected.

Not too many details have surfaced online quite yet, but according to VG247, the development team Climax Los Angeles created this Silent Hill title as a pitch to Konami. Overall, the game would follow Father Hector Santos as he travels from El Paso, Texas to a town within Arizona in order to help his Niece.

However, as he explores the town of Arizona, sections of the game would alter from the memories of Silent Hill’s past. The game would have a mix of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, much like the Silent Hill franchise is known for.

After checking out the gameplay demo, Konami decided to reject the title. Again, Climax Los Angeles opted to make some changes to the story and pitched the game again as its own unique IP known as Broken Covenant, an episodic title that would release on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Konami once again decided to reject the game.

Ultimately, the development team decided to scrap the entire project and now only a small fraction of gameplay footage is left. Take a look at what could have been a Silent Hill title or a completely unique survival-horror game above.