Shadow Warrior 2 Has Released 12 Minutes of Gameplay


Shadow Warrior 2 has a release date for PC that is slated for October 13th.

Devolver Digital has also released a trailer (entitled “12 Minutes of Cyber Wang” that showcases the game play in gorgeous 1080p/60 fps glory. The trailer features the new “cyber” environment and also the sleek new hybrid weapon, the chainsaw katana.

The pre-order content and discounts include a Razorback Chainsaw Katana (which is heavily showcased in the trailer). 10% off for all, and an additional 10% off for those who already own Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset Redux owners.

The game play looks absolutely gorgeous, with beautifully lush environments ranging from dense forests to eerily empty cities, with enemies that leap out at you from every which way, keeping you on your toes as you play.

The chainsaw katana is just as awesome as you would envision when it is actually put to the test in the harsh environments of the game world. Several other weapons are also shown off, giving you a number of unique ways to dispatch your enemies.