New Blood Interactive Showcased 3 New Games for 2017 Debuts at PAX West

TWR Start ScreenNew Blood Interactive announced three brand new games at this year’s PAX West in the New Blood Interactive super read booth 6010 on the sixth floor. All titles are for PC and are slated for release early next year. The games are DUSK, Tonight We Riot, and LazerType VR. 

DUSK, the first game, is described as “a retro FPS that looks and feels like the 90s.” DUSK transports players to and underneath the creepy backwoods of an American Northeast.

This Quake-meets-Cabin-in-the-Woods type retro FPS shooter has players encountering an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants, and dark forces in order to unravel the truth.

Players must survive until dawn in the main campaign, with an amazing arsenal of weapons, including dual wielded 1887 shot guns, saw blades, rifles, swords, crossbows, and even a grenade launcher.

Challenge yourself with Endless Survival Mode, putting you in the front and center of wave after wave of enemies, or you can also go head to head with your friends in the online 1v1 arena.

Tonight We Riot puts players in the role of an everyday urban revolutionary fighting against the oppression of a global, out-of-control capitalist hierarchy where the few elite dominate and oppress everyone below them.

Players direct a growing horde as you smash through the Streets of Change using whatever you want as a weapon. Bricks and molotov cocktails are just a few of the many available options.

LazerType VR is for not only the PC/Oculus, but also the Gear VR and the Vive. This game is called “the universe’s ultimate reality typing simulation game.”

Players are put into the center of a futuristic landscape and must accurately type a series of words coming at them in order to destroy them with lasers. This game also has 1v1 combat mode where you can battle your friends in a pong-style word typing game…with lasers!

All three games are not only unique but jammed packed with awesomeness!