Neptune Flux is a Different Kind of Undersea Video Game


In Neptune Flux, humanity took to the sea to survive after a catastrophic dust bowl event makes it impossible to escape into space. The A.Q.U.A. company helped spur ocean colonization, and as an employee of this organization it’s your job to contribute to that mission.

But as you an imagine, there’s a twist to this underwater open world experience. A.Q.U.A. employee Sarah has to trace where a series of bizarre energy surges are coming from and take care of it, to make sure the company can continue their work without any disruptions. But the deeper into the water’s depths you get, it becomes clear that some grander mystery is lurking within the void. To help for the journey there, you can hunt for treasure and earn cash under the sea by finding shipwrecks and cargo. You can use that money to upgrade your ship’s travel capabilities.

Neptune Flux is coming to both PC and PS4 on November 15th. It appears to have been primarily made as a VR type of experience (which it’s equpped for), but there’s also a non-VR version that can be played too. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.