“Rivals” Standalone Expansion Planned for Sorcerer King


The fine folks over at Stardock announced a standalone expansion for their Sorcerer King game. Sorcerer King: Rivals intends to flip the base game on it’s head.

What makes Sorcerer King different from what’s coming in Rivals? It’s a 4X Grand Strategy game where you played the leader of a kingdom that had a bit of a problem on it’s hands, when an evil Sorcerer decided to embark on a quest to become a God. Realizing if that happened, the world as you knew it would end. So it’d be a good idea to try and stop him from doing that. The game itself had a doomsday counter looming over as you played. As one of 6 different Sovereigns, you’d need to raise an army capable of taking on this force head-on when the time was right. Along the way, players can craft items and enchant them to magnify their strength.

In Rivals, the game has changed. Dramatically. Now you’re trying to become a God too. One of the game’s victory conditions is learning the spell of Ascension and beating the Sorcerer King to the punch by consuming the shards of power. Rivals also adds two new game factions: The Dwarven King of the Frozen Realm, and Valemor the Undead Archmage of the Necromancers. But the Sorcerer King brought three new lieutenant friends to try and stop your quest this time around. Watch out for his Shadow Dragon, Crystal Serpent, and giant bird that’s called the “Bringer of Storms”.  The game isn’t all doom and gloom though, as it also includes new quest and stories filled with light-hearted humor and witty dialogue – and rewards players with recipes and ingredients for crafting. But if you think you could do a better job at writing the quests, you can do that with the newly added Quest Editor that lets you make the texts, decisions, and rewards. You can then share those quests and any maps you make on the Steam Workshop, because this game has that support.

The “standalone” descriptor of this expansion comes into play when you consider the price. If you own the base Sorcerer King game, you can buy Rivals for $9.99, but otherwise the game on its own costs $29.99.

Sorcerer King: Rivals is coming this September to PC. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.