Blizzard’s Seoul Offices Raided by Korean FTC Over Diablo III Complaints

Diablo III

Blizzard may have the most successful PC game in history, both in the United States and abroad, but the game's release hasn't been without its share of problems.

Blizzard's offices were raided recently by the Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) for its refusal to provide a few unhappy Korean customers with refunds. The refunds were demanded by players unhappy with the "always online" requirement of the game. The FTC is required by law to determine whether Blizzard broke Korean law on electronic commerce.

The FTC raided Blizzard's offices in Seoul to secure related documents and "other evidence" which it will use to determine whether the publisher broke the law. The action was prompted by "hundreds of complaints".

Speaking for the FTC, Kim Hyung-Bae said the company "received many complaints from Diablo 3 users" and confirmed that an investigation was underway with the Korean Times. The agency is looking into whether Blizzard's stipulated conditions for a refund are unfair to its customers.

We'll keep you updated on the situation as it develops.