Battlefield 1 Weather Will Affect Gameplay

Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series Weapons.mp4_000062466

Weather in first-person shooters is nothing new, especially within the Battlefield franchise. However, it was just noted on the official Battlefield blog that gamers can expect dynamic weather within Battlefield 1.

As mentioned, the dynamic weather isn’t new, but this time around, gamers don’t have the advanced technology to use at their disposal. This will give weather conditions more of an effect on the overall gameplay.

“All multiplayer maps in Battlefield 1 have dynamic weather that can occur as part of a larger immersion ecosystem. Unlike the game’s destructible environments, weather is an outside factor that you can’t control. Things can shift in small ways (like the sun peeking out of the clouds and turning an overcast map into a sunny one) but there are larger changes that can happen that will nudge you to adjust how you play.”

According to the blog post, the development team DICE has noted that there will be a range of weather patterns that could show up during gameplay. Since the Great War was limited to technology for weapons, players may be forced into changing up their classes.

For instance, fog could easily limit how much gamers can see within their sightlines and thus cause players to focus on more close-quarters combat. Likewise, rain, while not affecting how far gamers can see, could become more of a distraction as they scan the horizons for enemy movement.

Arial gameplay will also be affected by weather conditions such as sandstorms. You may find that staying within the air will be more of a problem than before due to high winds and debris.

Players will soon be able to get a slight taste of how the weather dynamic will affect gameplay when the Battlefield 1 beta kicks off on August 31, 2016, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The full official release of the game will be set later this year on October 21, 2016.