The Elder Scrolls Online Hopes to Trounce Post-Release Lag and Bugs

The Elder Scrolls Online was announced not two weeks ago, and already players are starting to voice their concerns regarding bugs and lag within the upcoming game. While the game’s launch is still a long time from now, these players are justified in their queries.

While all platforms and versions of Skyrim were going to suffer from some issues, the PS3 iteration was by far the worst. However, being that this is an MMO, Matt Firor – director – informed us that preparation for an online title is far different from consoles.

"The critical difference with MMOGs, though, is that you have a long beta test where you build up to thousands and thousands of players, and you tackle those problems as you run into them there," he said.

Though, you have to wonder just how much space there is left in the MMORPG field. I am well aware that The Elder Scrolls Online is coming in off an extremely strong library of lore, but with behemoth titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic failing, it would do developers well to think about their respective industry moves.

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Via Eurogamer