See the Remastered Efforts of Bioshock: The Collection


When it comes to HD remakes of video games, the key way to sell the product to the gaming community is to show that the effort that went into it visibly pays off. Such is the case of Bioshock: The Collection, as 2K recently uploaded a video showcasing the visual changes made to the series.

What was the Bioshock series all about? The first game took the player to the underwater city of Rapture, a utopia in ruins after the people succumbed to greed and addiction to plasmids (biological superpowers). Andrew Ryan was a genius and visionary that fell to insanity, and the player is one of his experiments. Bioshock 2 took players back into the city ten years later, with the disarray being even more intense. A “Little Sister” of Rapture grows up and rallies the remnants of Rapture, and the player is somehow connected to this radical leader. Bioshock Infinite soared into the skies of Columbia, where alternate realities and universes mesh together.


Bioshock: The Collection comes out on September 13th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It includes all three Bioshock games and all the DLC. To keep in touch with the game, follow along at their website, Twitter, and Facebook.