DARK Gets Teased in a New Trailer, Looks Like an FPS


Realmforge Studios has just released the first ever trailer of their upcoming vampire-themed RPG, Dark.

Dark puts you in the role of a bloodsucker named Eric Bane, who like every other hero in videogame history, suffers from amnesia. He wakes up one day in a bar full of vampires and must come to terms with his newfound vampirism.

The trailer shows the game from a first person perspective, where the game's main character—equipped with a submachine gun—does battle against a shadowy creature in a dark warehouse. The trailer gives us the indication that Dark is a sci-fi themed FPS—but we know better thanks to previously released details about the game.

Kalypso Media will be publishing Dark for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Q1 2013.