Pokemon Snap Coming to Wii U Virtual Console in Europe This Week



Pokemon Snap, originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999 is coming to the Wii U virtual console in Europe, Nintendo announced.

The game will launch this coming Thursday, August 18th, Nintendo of Europe announced via Twitter. However, pricing for the game was not announced.

There was no mention of a North American release for this game. Pokemon Snap also launched for the Wii U virtual console in April in Japan. According to this trend, a North American release does seem possible, but remains unconfirmed.

Pokemon Snap sends players on a trip to Pokemon Island where they go on a safari to photograph Pokemon in their natural habitat. Aspects like weather effects, environmental considerations, and the shyness of certain Pokemon adds to the difficulty of taking good photos.

These photos are then sent to Professsor Oak, who judges the photos based on size, pose, technique, and number of Pokemon captured in the shot.

The new Wii U version of the single-player game supports GamePad, Classic Controller Pro, or the Wii U Pro Controller.

Pokemon Snap is already available for the original Wii’s virtual console, with a $10 price point.