Fan Creates Incredible 8-Bit Gifs of Stranger Things


One of the latest Netflix original series has been spreading around all over, with good reason. There’s a good chance you’ve watched Stranger Things, the sci-fi series by The Duffer Brothers. With only eight episodes from the first season, there have been plenty of eager fans to see what season two will bring.

Stranger Things takes inspiration from plenty of media, one of which is credited to the video game Silent Hill. As we have the long grueling wait until the next season hits to the streaming service, talented fans have taken to creating fan art, cosplaying as the various characters, and more.

For Matheus Bitencourt, he took to his artistic talents and created some incredible pieces of Stranger Things 8-Bit gifs. These are a reimagining of what the series could look like if it received an 8-bit video game adaptation.

As for Stranger Things actually receiving a video game adaptation, the chances are relatively good. Speaking to IGN, the show creators made mention that they would like to see an old school 8-bit video game to bridge the gap between Stranger Things season one and season two.