Rise to the Ultimate Challenge In Manastone Battles


In Riders of Icarus, players can PvP fight in the Exarahn Badlands. Twice weekly, players can compete in Manastone Battles, which are the ultimate test of individual strength and also group cohesion. Players will have the chance to not only prove their merit, but also reap fame and fortune for their groups.

Manastone Battles are twice weekly events that occur on a set schedule, and are announced to the entire server. After a countdown, the Manastone will appear in a randomized location within the Exarahn Badlands. When the Manastone spawns, it’s anyone’s game.

Guard Alliances and the Militia alike will fight to see who can successfully capture the Manastone and return it to the Vantara Manastone Oracle. This scenario is much like capture-the-flag and heavily depends on teamwork to ensure victory.

Once a player loots the Manastone, they receive a huge defensive buff. However, this power is not without its limitations. Players carrying the Manastone can’t mount up, use items, or attack, rendering the Carrier of the stone defenseless!


The Carrier is therefore dependent upon their Alliance (or Militia) teammates to protect them until the stone can be delivered safely, and with that, earn a match victory as well.

Should the Carrier perish, the Manastone is dropped and can be looted again by another player. Should the Rider be intercepted and taken down too close to town, the Manastone will then spawn at a random location instead.

Once a player returns the Manastone to the Oracle, that player’s team wins! Winning teams can receive a variety of rewards, including a Guild-exclusive mount that can carry multiple riders.

To participate in Manastone battles, you will either need to be in a Guild Alliance (rank 3 guild required), or join the Militia. PvP combat is reserved for experienced Riders at level 28 and above.