Take a First Look at Prey Gameplay


The studio behind Dishonored is taking Prey in a new direction, with a plunge deep into the human psychology. You’re a guy who has incredible alien powers, and you have to survive the creatures infestation on a desolate space station in order to find answers.

The aliens known as the Typhon have broken out of their confinement and you need to fight them off in order to restore order to the Talos I research facility. But our protagonist Morgan also harnesses their abilities in order to gain new skills. From the Mimics, Morgan is able to transform himself into different objects in order to sneak past enemies and navigate obstacles. In the Quakecon demo, he became a coffee cup in order to reach an inaccessible room, and later he became a Recycler Charge grenade to roll past some hostile robots. Another power Morgan can learn is Kinetic Blast, after he studies the Phantom class of enemy. It can push objects away from you (or it can be used to propel yourself in the air).

Prey also has weapons and tools, like the GLOO cannon. It shoots a sticky material that can trap enemies in place, but it can also solve environmental hazards like exposed pipes. The game’s crafting system lets you break down items you find on the station in order to make new stuff like a Propulsion system that allows you to access the exterior parts of the station.

Prey is headed to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017. To stay aware of what goes on, check out the game’s website, Twitter and Facebook.