Strict Rules For Cosplayers Being Enforced During Gamescom 2016


You can’t hide the fact that lately there has been some heinous actions against the public. It’s likely due to these recent events that have caused organizers for Gamescom to enforce stricter rules than ever when it comes to cosplayers this year. If you plan on attending the upcoming event in cosplay or potentially events local to you, then these rules could cause for a costume change.

Reported by Polygon, we are learning that Gamescom will have a strict policy against any and all types of cosplay weapons. Again, it’s likely due to the widespread violence as of late that is causing the organizers to seek a calm, fun, and safe experience for all attendees and visitors within the area.

However, it’s not just imitation weapons that are being the subject of caution for cosplayers and attendees. The organizers are swaying against the use of backpacks and bags, but these particular items are not outright banned from the event.

Essentially, if you don’t absolutely need it then leave it. Although, it’s likely that gamers will still flock the event with bags and cosplayers with their created imitation weapons. Because of this, Gamescom organizers are warning attendees that there will be a longer wait time before they are able to enter the building as security will be doing a thorough check.

There was also a statement from the organizers that GDC Europe will also see similar rules being enforced. We’re curious to see if there are other conventions and events that will follow suit to add a further safety measure.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Does the banning of cosplay weapons hinder your experience from an event? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.