Pokemon Go Bug Is Changing Player’s Catches Entirely


Pokemon Go is a massive video game installment to the long-beloved Pokemon franchise. The title was recently released last month from developers Niantic and the video game quickly swept entire regions as gamers once again set out to become Pokemon masters. However, there has been a few bumps in the road that had spoiled the thrill of the hunt.

Because of its sheer popularity and fan base, there has been a slew of problems. From server issues to random bugs that have provided nothing but a difficult time for gamers and the developers behind the successful title.

This latest bug seems to be even more frustrating as gamers are finding their recent Pokemon catches are being changed completely. News of this bug quickly spread through the online communities, there has even been video footage of this bug in action thanks to a Reddit post.

How this bug is triggered seems to be at random. From what it appears, when a gamer catches a Pokemon, there’s a chance that this bug could cause the Pokemon to change at random although the CP for the Pokemon will remain the same.

For the most part, this bug can go either way. For some gamers, they might miss out on a rare Pokemon catch while others who may not live in a more populated area could find a better Pokemon change through this bug.

What we don’t know right now is if this upcoming patch will revert past catches to the appropriately catch Pokemon or not.