Coming Soon: Reigns

2ReignsHeaderIn Reigns, thou art the Ruler. Grace this YouTube video with thine presence to bask upon the gl’ry that is this video game title. Peer into the strange world that lies within.

As decre’d within the YouTube description:

Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the modern age and swipe your royal fingers either left or right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while maintaining balance between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate consequences down the road that could put your reign and family’s dynasty at risk!

Reigns is all about keeping a balance to the unpredictable world that is the kingdom. You must keep the people happy of course, but you have to consider the needs of the church and the army too, as well as the limitations of your own personal treasury. It’s a game about longevity, and staying in power for as long as possible. You’ll need to create alliances in order to face the enemies you make during your rule, and manage the new obstacles that arise as time marches on. There’s additional challenges to complete, with new cards unlocked for meeting the specific goals.

“Pretty hyped to also announce that your good buddy Fork makes an appearance in Reigns. If you find my elusive card you become the legal owner of Devolver Digital, straight up Willy Wonka style,” proclaimed Devolver Digital’s Fork Parker himself . “Just kidding, you’re going to be poor forever.”

Reigns makes it’s royal debut on August 11th for PC (Mac and Linux), iOS and Android. To peer into the minds of this regal odyssey’s authors, go forth to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.