Kojima Production’s Mascot Ludens Will Have Figurines at San Diego Comic-Con

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At San Diego Comic-Con prototypes of Kojima’s mascot, Ludens, will be available to be seen. Ludens is the mascot for Kojima’s new studio.

Kojima, who is at SDCC himself has tweeted a number of pictures of these Ludens figurines.

Different styles for these Ludens figurines are featured, which includes a 1:6 scale figure with a glowing helmet from 1000Toys and also a 1:12 scale replica by Max Factory Figma. Last but not least are the tiny and adorable Nendoroid figurines.

Though it is unclear whether Ludens is the face of a character that will appear in Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding, he has said this game will be “the best he’s ever made.”

The variety of different styles and interpretations of Ludens is very interesting to look at, as each modeling company has their own distinct look and aesthetic that they want to convey.

You can learn more about Kojima Production’s new mascot, who was unveiled on May 17th here.