World of Final Fantasy Gets Fancy Collector’s Edition


One of the newest entries coming to the Final Fantasy franchise has a twist of it’s own to it. It’s best to see the World of Final Fantasy for yourself to understand what that is.

With the game’s release comes a variety of pre-order deals and offers. The Collector’s Edition is the top World of Final Fantasy package. At the center of it is a physical pop-up book that’s adorned with cute 3D paper cutouts within. If that ain’t enough for you, there’s a special edition 80-page artbook plus a mini-figure set of the classic Final Fantasy character trio (Lightning, Cloud, Squall). These sights are nice, but having sounds to go with them is even better. That’s why the Collector’s Edition also comes with a copy of the original soundtrack for the game. The Collector’s, Limited, and Day One Editions will all receive digital content that includes a White Chocobo, Glow Moogle and Red Bonnetberry mirages, a Sephiroth summon, and an add-on option for Japanese voice-overs.


World of Final Fantasy arrives to North America on October 25th of this year (October 28th in Europe) for Playstation 4 and the Vita. To keep in the loop about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.