You Should Lend Your Ears for Stifled

StifledHeaderIf you haven’t heard about this game, it’s time you see what the stealth-horror title Stifled is all about. It’s got a whole Greenlight page and everything, fresh and ready to go.

The main gimmick of Stifled is that a majority of the game is based around sound. It helps you see in dark places, similar to how bats use echolocation in caves to navigate the pitch blackness. But the trade-off to that is the sounds you make will attract the terrifying creatures lurking in the void. The game is mic-enabled, which means it’ll be difficult for YouTube commentators to record this game, as it has a direct impact on the game itself. There’s a way around this, though. Stifled is accessible to people who don’t have a microphone because the protagonist of the game can pick up and toss objects around, which in itself generates sound.

Having played the demo myself, I can assure you that the protagonist isn’t blind or anything like that. At least in what I saw, there were segments of the game that took place in reality where the character could see everything with his eyes normally.

Check out Stifled‘s website, Twitter, and Facebook for up to date information.