Coming Soon: Headlander


Headlander is what happens if Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim Games had a child together. The protagonist of the game is a head, and you have to take the head around to navigate through a future utopia gone awry when humanity transfers their bodies to robots.

The game speaks for itself really. You fly your head around, taking over other bodies, in addition to using the head itself to solve puzzles and overcome other obstacles. If you’re a fan of part platformer, part shooter titles, with a twist of comedy and a dash of sci-fi action, this game might be something for you. At the very least it’ll probably be more straightforward than Broken Age was. From the trailer alone, Headlander looks like a more solid and complete experience.

Headlander is headed to PS4 and PC on July 26th of this year. For all the latest updates, check out Double Fine’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.