Now Available: Crush Your Enemies

CrushYourEnemiesHeaderYou now have the chance to play a new arrival from the development studio Vile Monarch, and publishers at Gambitious Digital Entertainment. Meet Crush Your Enemies.

So what’s the game all about? Crush Your Enemies is a cartoony real time strategy game. It’s not one of those titles where your butt will have to be glued to your computer chair for hours, but instead the game offers levels in smaller pieces. Despite this, Crush Your Enemies offers the same sort of resource and unit management, and plotting how to best smite your foe and take his territory. Not only is there a singleplayer campaign, there’s also a multiplayer cross-platform option available here too. So you can play with your friends who are on mobile devices from the comfort of your own PC. The story itself is advertised as having “naughty humor” and curse words. So there’s that.

Crush Your Enemies is available on  Steam, but the game is also available for iOS and Android users. If you want to check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook – go for it.