Worms W.M.D All-Stars Pre-Order Introduces Some Familiar Faces

The Worms series has always been a popular video game franchise ever since it first debuted in 1995. Now after years of main series installments and spin-offs, Team17 is gearing up for their next big release, Worms W.M.D. However, it’s noted now that a new edition will be available and with it, players will receive some familiar faces.

After a press release was sent out, we were alerted of Worms W.M.D All-Stars Edition which is available for pre-order. Through this pre-order, gamers will not only receive the full video game but some exciting new characters.

You’ll find characters will make an appearance from the following video games.

  • Rocket League
  • Goat Simulator
  • Payday 2
  • Saints Row IV
  • Unturned
  • Broforce
  • Orcs Must Die! Unchained
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • The Escapists
  • Classic Worms

However, if you purchase the game for the Xbox One, then you’ll have access to Rare All- Stars, which will come with characters from Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, Jetpac, Killer Instinct, and Battletoads. Likewise, the Steam exclusive edition will come with characters from Team Fortress 2.

Worms W.M.D All-Stars Edition will be available to everyone that pre-orders Worms W.M.D. As for when the game is set to release, you can get your hands on a copy for Steam, GOG, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 23, 2016.