Sea of Thieves Release Date Was Falsely Sent Out


It was earlier this week that we got news of a Microsoft Xbox Twitter account announcing a launch window for Rare’s upcoming title, Sea of Thieves. Now it turns out that release schedule was false as Microsoft does not have a release date in mind for their exclusive pirate adventure quite yet.

The posting originally came from the official Xbox Australia Twitter account which stated that Rare’s upcoming video game, Sea of Thieves, will be heading towards Xbox One sometime in February 2017. This tweet in question has since been taken down as Microsoft’s Xbox head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has taken to his own Twitter account to clear up the confusion.

According to Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft and Rare have yet to determine a release date and has not announced when the game will be launched. However, the development team and Microsoft are thrilled to see the excitement that came from this false release announcement.

Aaron Greenberg followed up the tweet with revealing their current progress with the game. After E3 this year, Microsoft had planned on taking Sea of Thieves to a closed beta and that it’s simply too early right now to give any idea on a release date for the video game.

If you have yet to check out Rare’s upcoming title, Sea of Thieves allows players to work together in their own custom pirate adventures. Gamers can even create an adventure and upload it online for others to play. This is a Microsoft exclusive in which the game will only be available on Xbox One and PC.