Try Out the Antraxx Beta in October

AntraxxHeaderImagine a game with customizable giant robots, and a sandbox world filled with inter-faction politics and economic systems. You can stake your own land for your zone, and make a name for yourself. You’ll get the chance to do this in Antraxx, a new game that was carefully crafted for the past five years.

The MMO isometric Mech shooter Antraxx announced their beta is scheduled to launch in October 2016. These early players will get a chance to try out the customizable giant mechs, and go on a land grab expedition that will ultimately result in a “neverending war.” The multiplayer alpha demo is available on their website already, if you were curious about Antraxx and wanted to try it out.

“Antraxx is a game that is unlike any I’ve played or developed in the past. It mixes retro pixel art with modern rendering techniques for a truly immersive experience— oh and it has giant robots. What’s not to love about giant robots?” says Co-founder Sam Hellawell.

For more news about Antraxx, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter.