There Could’ve Been a Cel Damage 2

CelDamage2HeaderCel Damage by Pseudo Interactive and published by Electronic Arts, was an Xbox title that initially received lukewarm reviews from critics, mostly due to the somewhat unforgiving nature of it’s gameplay. The title got a breath of fresh air when it made it’s made to the Gamecube, and eventually to the PS2. Enough at the very least to give Cel Damage somewhat of a fanbase.

Liam Robertson of Unseen64 takes us back a few generations of video game consoles in order to find out what happened to Cel Damage‘s sequel.

Cel Damage 2 would have been released simultaneously on Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. As the video by Liam explains, many of the sequel’s changes would’ve been in response to feedback from the public in regards to the original title’s criticism. The reason that Electronic Arts turned down the proposal was because the game didn’t quite fit the definition of either a racing genre title, nor was it entirely a shooter experience either. Due to the specifics of the deal, Psuedo Interactive was able to try and sell the sequel idea to other companies. Neither SEGA, Ubisoft, or any other prospective buyer wanted to take the risk of trying to make the title have some sort of wider market appeal.

Robertson has an entire playlist of lost video game investigations on his channel, and all of them are definitely worth your time if Cel Damage 2 grabbed your attention.