Warframe Gets a “Specters of the Rail” Update

WarframeSOTRFeaturedWarframe‘s Specters of the Rail update revitalizes several key aspects of the game: from the Star Chart, to the market, down to the companions.

The Star Chart is renovated, allowing easy travel across the entire Origin System. If you want to find a specific mission or particular region, they’ll be easier to locate in this new setup – thanks in part the Junction feature that guides you on where to go. The Void is now part of the map, and you can acquire Relics that spawn a variety of items from themselves after you complete a mission to power them up. The Market has received an overhaul, sorting items via an easy access tab system. Categories have been revised, and a search bar allows you to find what you need in a jiffy.

A new species of companion, known as Kavats, have been added to the mix. Along with the arrival of this new species comes a few changes for the companion system in itself. Your creatures can roam the ship when they’re in their kitten or puppy stages, and they can be matured whenever you like, simply by a click prompt. The entire Archwing flight mechanic has been reworked, with the addition of new weapons, game modes, and a support class to further enhance this Warframe feature.

The entire update is available to read over yonder. For all the latest news, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook.