Final Fantasy VII Launches On Android


No, it might not be the Final Fantasy VII remake video game we’re all waiting for, but if you still have yet to play the original, now you can do so through the Android OS platform. Square Enix has officially launched the massively popular RPG title for Android, after previously only being available on the iOS smartphone platform.

This shouldn’t come to a big surprise as Square Enix has been working on a variety of smartphone ports for their past RPG fan favorite titles, the Final Fantasy franchise being one of their prominent pieces. While this video game originally released back in 1997 and certainly shows its age, this could be a perfect opportunity for some gamers to try Final Fantasy VII out much like how it first released back on the original PlayStation.

Furthermore, gamers can enjoy this version of Final Fantasy VII as we wait for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII episodic remake release for the PlayStation 4. As mentioned, you can pick up the video game through the Google Play store where it will set you back $15.99. Check out the video game gallery for the Android port down below.