Meet the New Builders of Civilization VI

CivilizationVIBuildersHeaderThe developers behind Civilization VI have recently uploaded a video going over another change to the game series – the Builders.

The worker class of previous Civilization titles needed multiple turns to build an improvement. But in Civilization VI, these new builders make instant improvements. They are a civilian type unit, equipped with three charges. You’ll need to utilize them effectively, given their limitations.

Civilization VI will have an focus centered around the map itself. The land tiles around you need to be carefully considered, as they’re a more precious resource now more than ever. The developers intend to do away with the autopilot mentality, according to this post on their website.

“In previous Civilization games you had Workers, which took their time going around the map, taking a number of turns to make each improvement. Automation was a way for players to get a benefit out of their Workers without manually controlling them each turn, which was often difficult because you would forget what it was you had planned when it came time for your Worker to move on to a new project.”

By having the builder make immediate improvements, the decision making process is much more direct, which the developers see as game changing.

Civilization VI is set to release on October 21st for PC, Mac, and Linux. For the latest news about the game, tune into their website, Twitter, and Facebook.