Total War: Warhammer’s First Big Update Adds A New Unit, Balance Fixes

Creative Assembly is releasing the first planned update today for Total War: Warhammer, the studio’s latest real-time strategy game set in Games Workshop’s popular fantasy setting.

The first update is the first major patch since the game’s release in May and includes an ample amount of new, free content for gamers including the Blood Knights, a tier 5 shock cavalry unit for the Vampire Counts faction, and a beta for DirectX 12.

In addition to the new unit, AI heroes have also been given a balance overhaul, lowering the amount of XP that they receive from battles and reducing their success rate on Easy and Normal difficulties so you won’t have an impossible time going up against them. Additionally, hero traits as well as actions that damage the enemy army have also been rebalanced.

Magic-wielding heroes have also had their damage adjusted, along with their spells and abilities.

Players can also check out five new multiplayer maps to do battles on, alongside a list of fixes for the game’s multiplayer mode.

The update is set to go live on Steam at 6am PST, so be sure to have your auto-updates turned on. You can read the full list of fixes here.

Beyond the new patch, Creative Assembly appears to be working on a new DLC that adds blood and gore to the game. In our interview with the developers, they also hinted at the addition of new armies.