Riders of Icarus Now Enters Head Start Access


Riders of Icarus has officially entered the Head Start access to gamers who have made the purchase of a Founder’s pack. Overall, this means that the game is getting closer to its official open beta release date which is now only a week away.

If you’ve been interested in playing Riders of Icarus then it’s worth noting that the gamers can still purchase Founder’s Packs which gives these players an early access to the game. Additionally, these Founder’s Packs also releases exclusive items which include mounts, pets, skins, and more, for the player’s enjoyment.

However, with the game now entering Head Start, the development team WeMade is getting close to seeing an open beta release. There will be a few new details to the game when it enters open beta which includes an increased level cap, new dungeons, regions, and mounts, Guild Alliances, and more.

Each of these aspects was broke down in an official blog post for the video game which also showcases some new in-game images.

Furthermore, our own Nick Monroe got the chance to check the MMORPG out in detail and gave out his first impressions of the video game. Overall, Riders of Icarus is very much centered around taming mythical beasts in order to use during battles.