Stellaris Update 1.2 Brings Battle Enhancements, System Overhauls

StellarisUpdateHeaderReleased early last month, Stellaris has been a sleeper hit of 4X Grand Strategy gaming. Paradox Interactive has been busy with this title, working on addressing community feedback to help improve what the game offers. The latest of these updates is 1.2 – “Asimov”, bringing with it a host of changes to the Stellaris experience.

What can you expect in this Asimov update? The diplomacy, warfare, and empire expansion systems have been adjusted in different ways. Colonizing planets or building outposts will now cost you some influence. The Diplomacy interface now has more options and actions (with diplomatic incidents possible). Access through an empires’ borders is now open unless otherwise closed by diplomatic actions. Finally, you’ll experience clearer battles with appearance improvements, which goes nicely with the new possible warfare goals. If you want to read the entire change log, it’s posted over on Paradox’s forums here.

If you’ve never heard of Stellaris but this recent update happens to pique your interest, here’s the basic idea. It’s a real-time strategy game, much like Galactic Civilizations in the sense of scale. In Stellaris, your main mission is to conquer the galaxy. You can go at it alone, or with up to 32 players along for the ride. Next, you pick your species and build their society’s government and attributes, with the ability to customize their appearance, ethics, and traits. Then you take your race into space, making alliances and waging war with the other alien cultures out there.

You can check it out on Steam here, and tune in to their Twitter, Facebook, and Website for all the latest updates.