Telltale Games Aims To Release All Batman Episodes This Year


Telltale Games  is not stranger to crafting a unique and compelling story from various IPs. One of their upcoming video games is based around the Dark Knight himself, Batman. However, we’re still waiting to see just when the first episode will launch. Luckily, it’s been reported by GamesRadar that the development team is aiming to release all five episodes of the upcoming Batman video game before the end of this year.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Job Stauffer, head of creative communications for Telltale Games, has revealed that the development team will aim to release all five episodes of their upcoming Batman video game. The key word here is “aims” as Job Stauffer stated that there is plenty of time to push dates back in order to fully develop and release the game. So while Telltale Games hopes to see the fifth episode this December, it very well could end up releasing next year, 2017.

Not too much has been shared about the upcoming Telltale Games Batman, however, we do know that it will be a mature title that does not follow any of the previous Batman material. Players will have the ability to approach certain situations as either Bruce Wayne or Batman along with selecting various dialogue options that will affect later events within the video game.

As mentioned, this graphic adventure title does not have a set release date yet though if Telltale Games is hoping to release this episodic Batman game fully within this year, the first episode will likely be heading out sometime next month.