0x10c Using Same Price Model as Minecraft

The successful price model that helped Minecraft sell over 5.5 million copies will also be applied to Notch’s newest endeavour. 0X10c will be released in it’s pre-alpha/alpha stage and then eventually go into beta. All the while the price of the game will go up as it goes into beta and then finally goes gold.

As you all know, Notch is considering a monthly subscription for the multiplayer portion of the game. We can probably expect this to start happening as soon as multiplayer is available. As to whether this price will gradually rise as the game nears completion is unknown at this point. For those of you who are eager to play the online multiplayer I hope that the subscription fee isn’t that much. It probably won’t be since Notch seems like a reasonable guy and looks like he understands the woes of the average day gamer.

I can not wait to start throwing my money at this game though. It looks and sounds like it’s going to be fantastic.