Pokemon Go Launches Next Month

We finally have a narrowed time frame of when we can expect to download the highly anticipated Pokemon video game, Pokemon Go. This will be the first Pokemon video game title to release for smartphones that make use of the handsets camera in order to create a unique AR experience to the popular RPG franchise.

In conjunction with Nintendo and Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go will be released to the public at some point this July. While we don’t have a specific release date, having the game released sometime next month sounds better than sometime this year.

Gamers will take the role of a trainer who can search out for various Pokemon throughout their local cities and towns, similar to geocaching. Once stumbling upon a Pokemon, they can attempt to capture it and use it in their party while battling other trainers or gym leaders.

Additionally, it was stated that it will depend on your trainer level when it comes to catching stronger and rare Pokemon. As players level up, more items will become available.

Nintendo also stated that the upcoming Pokemon Go application will be able to connect to the other upcoming Nintendo 3DS video games, Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon. However, it wasn’t detailed as to how players can interact with the two video games.

We also have the price point for the wristband that acts as a signal when players are near a Pokemon. This Bluetooth wristband is said to run players $34.99 and can be bought at select retailers or directly from Nintendo by using the Pokemon Go app.

Catch the latest about Pokemon and Nintendo’s E3 event by following their official Nintendo YouTube channel.