Kojima Talks About Death Stranding On Twitter


One of the most bizarre things that happened this E3 was Kojima’s Death Stranding announcement. Not only did it feature a butt-naked norman Reedus, but the imagery on display makes for one of the weirdest trailers we have ever seen, and we love it.


Earlier today, Mr. Kojima sent out a series of tweets talking about what the game is about. He talks about how he doesn’t plan to stick to any genre norms at all. We assume that he means that he’ll just go balls-to-the-wall with this one. From what we gathered, Kojima attempts to use Death Stranding’s mechanics to challenge the very concept of death in video games. Also, there is a hint of a challenge there, saying that there are more hints to what the game is about in the trailer, and he calls for his fans to dissect the trailer for more clues “Our game is still far from being released but the ‘game’ has already begun”

So what do we think of all this? We are excited to see what Kojima can come up with outside the Metal Gear franchise. We’re looking forward to learning more about Death Stranding, its connection with dog tags, umbilical cords, dead fish, and as Kojima puts in his tweets, the sticks and the rope.

Death Stranding will be released exclusively on the PS4. No release window has been announced as of yet. You can take a look at Hideo Kojima’s tweets talking about the game below.