Daedalic Entertainment Unveils State of Mind

Daedalic Entertainment, a German video game development and publishing company has unveiled their latest in-development video game title, State of Mind. This is a story-driven adventure that puts players into the future dystopian world that has forced humanity to seek refuge through a virtual online world known as City 5.

Revealed through a press release, Daedalic Entertainment has partnered up with Martin Ganteföhr, an established author to create a chilling sci-fi thriller known as State of Mind. As mentioned up above, State of Mind is set in the future during an overpopulated world that has become unlivable. This has caused government and military officials to seek a new technology that would allow humanity to live out their days through a paradise virtual world.

However, Richard Nolan, a father, and journalist from Berlin, finds that his mind upload has been corrupted leaving him mixed between the real world along with its virtual counterpart. Now, Richard has determined to set out on a dangerous path in order to take back control of his own life.

“Berlin, 2048: Resources are scarce, overpopulation, war, advanced digitizing and government surveillance, as well as robotics and cyber technology seem to be the herald of global catastrophe. In the wake of all this, humanoid robots claim human rights, while the military and futurists try to create artificial life.

In this dystopian world Richard Nolan, a father, and journalist, tries to survive with his family. The industry’s solution to all of the humanity’s problems, though, seems to be a new virtual world. Through mind transfer, people live their lives in a peaceful place called CITY 5.”

For now, State of Mind is said to contain twenty hours of playtime with a scheduled release in Q1 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.