Rare Shows Off Sea of Thieves During Microsoft’s Press Conference

Rare’s upcoming video game, Sea of Thieves, was once again shown off at the big E3 event. This was first shown off last year during E3, but now we’re finally seeing some original real multiplayer gameplay footage. Take a look at the entire gameplay shown off during Microsoft E3 press conference up above.

Sea of Thieves tosses players into a cartoonish pirate-filled world where teams of pirate crews must work together in order to explore, hunt for treasure, and take out rival opponents. In order to show it off properly, Rare allowed select gamers to try Sea of Thieves out and filmed their reactions.

These players quickly got the hang of things as they worked together in setting their ship to the open seas and battling other player pirate crews. While the release date for this video game was not given quite yet, it was revealed that Sea of Thieves will be part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere, a feature that will allow players to buy the game once and instantly gain access to both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Likewise, cross-play will be included as well within the feature in order to allow gamers the ability to connect online no matter if they are playing on Windows 10 or Xbox One.