Fallout Shelter Gets Major Updated & PC Release

Fallout Shelter

It seems that Bethesda wasn’t having enough Fallout with the new Fallout 4 DLC announcement, They also decided to update their mobile gaming title as well. The free-to-game had a huge success with over 50 million downloads, it’s good to see Bethesda still updating and overhauling the game.

The update will include dweller quests, where you can send parties of multiple dwellers to tackle a specific task, new locations with Red Rocket and Super Duper Mart fully explorable, new enemies like Ghouls and Radscorpions, and a new combat system that allows you to manually aim your shots, which hopefully will give you more control over how the battles go. The last feature that was added was more unique characters you’ll get to meet.

Also, the game will be coming to PC with all these features. We don’t know if the game will still be free-to-play on PC and monetized with microtransactions, or charge a few dollars and remove all of the microtransactions away like how other mobile games that came to PC did it.

Either way, we will find out more when these updates and the PC version are released in July. You can find the segment on Fallout Shelter in the video below.