New Mafia III Trailer Shows Us Lincoln Clay’s Revenge Quest

MafiaIIIHeaderThanks to the Cool Cats at IGN, we got a story trailer to share with you all for the upcoming Mafia III video game.

It opens up showing Lincoln Clay’s original gang of brothers and friends getting torched by a mobster. Clay is rescued by a mysterious preacher, who nurses him back to health. The Vietnam War rages on in the days and weeks during his resuscitation period. Lincoln turns his mind to revenge eventually, getting access to the weapons and other means necessary to carry it out. The preacher tries to talk Clay out of it as he’s preparing to embark on this journey to get even. By the time any authorities realize it, Lincoln Clay unleashes himself onto the city of New Bordeaux. But hell has already broken loose.

Mafia III heads our way on October 7th 2016, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re interested in the Collectors Edition of the game, details about that can be found over here.