EA Showcases The Future Of Star Wars Games


Right before the end of EA’s E3 press conference, we were treated with a three and a half minute video showing snippets of various Star Wars related projects EA is working on with different studios. Although the video doesn’t tell us much about each game, there is still a lot to digest in here.

First we take a look at DICE’s Senior Producer Sigurlina Ingvardsdottir talking about the Battlefront franchise, and immediately the scene is changed to the Millennium Falcon flying into Cloud City and we get to see Lando Calrissian and a couple of seconds of what seems to be the prisoner hold from the first Death Star. She talks about bringing new planets, environments and characters to the game, along with also more eras. It seems that at 0:42, they’re working on a Death Star trench run scene in the game. Then they show hints of VR and space battles.

Then we move into Motive Studios in Montreal where Mark Thompson where he basically says that they’re also working on Battlefront along with DICE, but not much is shown there.

Now we’re at Respawn Entertainment with Stig Asmussen, who did an amazing job as a game director of God of War III showing off some of the motion capture work they’re working on for an unnamed game.

We then move to John Salera of Capital Games talking about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. He talks about how Star Wars was about collecting toys and setting up battles with friends. Are we talking microtransactions here? It seems that their main focus is on mobile gaming in this segment.

John Ohlen from Bioware was showing some of the stuff with Star Wars: The Old Republic and he ends with “Beyond the Old Republic, there are so many stories that we still want to tell”, but obviously had none to share.

We then move to the part that excited me the most. Visceral Games where Amy Henning (legacy of Kain, Uncharted) and Doug Chiang, the concept artist of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, both showcased some concept art and a very brief early in-game footage of a new game they’re working on. Are those First Order flags? I think we’ll be getting a game in the Force Awakens timeline.


Finally, we get to meet Jade Raymond where she says that they’re working on plenty of Star Wars games. She didn’t add much really, but it was nice to see her there as well.

Overall, we didn’t learn much from this trailer other than the fact that we’ll be getting a whole lot of Star Wars games in the horizon. Some promising, some I remain skeptical about. Watch the full trailer down below and let us know what you think, and may the Force be with you.