Epic Mickey 2 360/PS3 being developed by Blitz Games

With the announcement of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Epic Mickey 2 are on the way, it's pretty exciting to know we'll be getting something we might have otherwise missed out on (and in HD as well). Countless people wanted the original game, but couldn't justify the purchase of a brand new console based on Epic Mickey.

It's been revealed today that only the Wii version of the game will be developed by Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios, with HD console ports being handled by Blitz Games. Blitz are best known for their involvement in family games based on popular IP and for their work on the Karaoke Revolution games, and on Yoostar 2.

Disney were quick to say that all versions of the game will being watched over by the "same creative leadership team [working towards] the same creative vision." Blitz will be the team implementing Move controls onto the PS3 version, although there will be no Kinect support for the title.

"Kinect isn't the ideal user interface for a movement-heavy game," a Disney spokesperson said. "A Kinect Epic Mickey game, set in Wasteland, is an interesting idea but it would be a completely different game."

Source: Shack News