Dead End Street: Allison Road Canceled

AllisonRoadFeaturedHeaderWe haven’t heard much about the PT inspired horror game Allison Road, at least since they cancelled their Kickstarter after getting a publishing deal with Team17. They showed up briefly towards the end of February, when the game’s development team put out a job request for a character modeler, presumably to do work with the Allison Road project itself.

Nobody expected that the game was in dire straights, until just yesterday when the Allison Road official Twitter account put out a tweet that nobody expected.

The plot of Allison Road centers around an unnamed protagonist who tries to remember what happened to his family as he unlocks the mysteries of this house. An evil spirit known as Lily and other creatures stand in his way, as he battles to survive until 3:00 AM. There was a well known teaser released when the game was initially announced, feel free to relive that experience again below.

They say a full statement is to come in the next few days, and it seems the decision wasn’t made lightly by anyone involved. Is the PT style of survival horror game cursed? Will anyone be able to ever accomplish this style of the horror genre without running into impassable game development roadblocks along the way? Maybe some day.