Moonlighter Game Launches a Kickstarter

MoonlighterHeaderThe tale of Moonlighter follows the journey of a shopkeeper who aspires to be a hero. It’s a rogue-lite game with procedurally generated dungeons – balanced out with the ability to earn tons of gold and collecting awesome items as you battle hordes of enemies and difficult bosses. As seen by this announcement video that the game’s developer Digital Sun Games has uploaded, they’ve chosen to go with the Kickstarter route for the project. It was previously featured on the Square Enix Collective website, which allowed the public to gauge their interest in the project.

Will the skopkeeper travels to the nearby dungeons not too far from town, and kills enemies to get loot to sell at his shop. The gold he gets from his store profits will help him progress deeper into the dungeon’s gates. This Town and Dungeon dual dynamic is the core of the game. There are various dungeon gates that lead to different realms, and if you die you get kicked out of the gate while losing the most valuable objects you had on you at the time. Moonlighter doesn’t have a level based progression system, which means the powerful items you come across are more precious than ever.


Your shop plays the other key component of Moonlighter. Customers have different interests – some of them will happily buy overpriced junk, but others might be frugal with their coins. Occasionally, someone will decide to shoplift from you too. You’ll need to keep a close eye out. Upgrade your shop to sell more items at once, and get more people interested in coming to browse your wares.


So what can you get when it comes to Kickstarter rewards? According to the page, you have a good selection of options to choose from. For a quick modest $12 pledge, you get an early DRM-free digital copy of the game. Starting at $110 you get a physical Moonlighter art book, two DRM-free digital copies of the game, STICKERS, and all the reward tiers that came before that pledge level. If you’re a wealthy gamer, you can go all the way with Moonlighter for $10,000. You get the title of Executive Producer, and you’re personally invited to Digital Sun Studios headquarters to meet the development team. Plus 25 DRM-free copies of the game, 10 T-Shirts, and every other physical and digital reward out of all theĀ Moonlighter Kickstarter’s reward teirs.

Check out their Twitter and Facebook if you want to follow along with Moonlighter‘s development.