Card Battles Come To Skylanders with “Battlecast”

BattlecastersHeaderThe Skylanders video game and toy series has now added a mobile card game called Skylanders Battlecast to the fray. It was announced sometime back in August of 2015, with a trailer.

Skylanders Battlecast uses 3D-rendered gameplay as a foundation for their battles. There’s 300 different cards to collect (some have foil variants), and 60 missions to beat across 8 islands. Alongside the launch of the game, Battlecasters can experience the Kaos Island realm, and face off against Kaos himself.

“We continue to provide a variety of fun new ways for fans to explore Skylanders and Skylanders Battlecast is an amazing new innovation,” according to Josh Taub of Activision Publishing. He stated that Skylanders Battlecast “offers players not only a collectible experience but also augmented reality, PvP and an exciting single-player campaign.”

To get the game, go to the iOS or Android store and snag a download. Battlecast players can buy 8 card booster packs ($4.99) and 22 card battle packs ($9.99).