No Destiny Trials of Osiris Event This Weekend Due To Glitch


Destiny fans may be bummed to learn that there will be no Trials of Osiris event this weekend which was due to a bug being discovered within the game. Instead of punishing players who have exploited this bug to further advance themselves within the game, Bungie is instead delaying events in order to clear out a variety of issues.

You may have even used the latest bug exploit within the latest Bungie video game release, Destiny. Apparently, there was a bug that could allow players to earn an unlimited amount of rockets which is not exactly ideal for players going through the game unaware of this exploit.

Instead of punishing the players who are using the exploit, the development team is allowing these players to continue on enjoying the game. This makes sense, after all why punish the players who were playing the game in such a way that the development team didn’t predict?

This is what Bungie had to say in their weekly update blog post:

“When we learned that some Guardians had discovered a way to earn unlimited rockets, we knew it was time for a bug hunt. Rather than punish players for playing the game in a way we didn’t predict, we’ve been waging an investigation into our code. These things happen, so please don’t panic. We’re on the case – and we’ve slayed more dreaded bugs than these.”

There’s no telling just how long the Trials of Osiris events will be delayed as the Bungie development team will have to hunt and fix the bugs within the game code. Here’s hoping we can get back to enjoying the weekly events sooner rather than later.