Gran Turismo Sport Will Have Vehicle Damage & Weather Effects


Gran Turismo Sport is currently still in development and according to Kazunori Yamauchi, head of the Gran Turismo franchise by development team Polyphony Digital, there are still some kinks to the game build. While not going too specific on the matter, in an interview with Game Watch which was later translated reported by DualShockers, Kazunori Yamauchi made mention of a few features that will be implemented within the finished product.

While this is not one of the standalone entries to the Gran Turismo franchise, it will mark as the thirteenth game overall within Sony PlayStation’s popular racing series. So far, we know that the game will come with three game modes, a campaign, sports mode, and an arcade mode. Furthermore, it was announced that the development team, Polyphony Digital, is making Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR compatible.

Though going one step further, the game will also find itself with a vehicle damaged system which was amiss during an earlier event for the game in London this week. Fans may have noticed that the vehicles were not being affected by collisions, but rest assure, the feature is still under development for the video game.

Another aspect that the development team is working on for the release of Gran Turismo Sport is a weather system. Apparently, these weather conditions can be decided on before a match begins rather than forcing players to go through a course with less than desirable conditions.

Lastly, the game will also be running at a goal of 1080p with 60 FPS though this is another feature that the development team is working on. As it stands right now, this PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title will be available on November 15, 2016.