A Ton of New Game Details about Yooka-Laylee Announced


It’s been over a year since Yooka-Laylee went to Kickstarter and knocked their crowd funding campaign out of the ballpark raising ¬£2,090,104 to make the game. Today, Playtonic Games has published a new blog post showing what the team has been working on for the past 12 months.

The game dev team has since tripled in size, and moved to a bigger office. They’ll be featured in Edge Magazine’s May 26th issues, as well as have a prominent presence at the E3 Expo this year.


Capital B is the main villain of Yooka-Laylee, and he seeks to turn all of the world’s literature into money. While Yooka and Laylee are busy trying to find the Pagies of the Grand Tomes, Captial B will stand between them and their mission.

Yooka-Laylee will have a ton of collectible items. “Tasty Butterfly Energy” will be the source of restoring health and power. Quills are collected and traded with Trowzer, the serpent salesman. He gives you new moves to unlock, and you can purchase these in any order you choose.


Supporting characters include a scientist named Dr. Puzz, and her former partner Dr. Quack. Quack joined up with Capital B and provides him with nefarious inventions. Dr. Puzz decided that Quack Corp’s takeover by Capital B was a sign she needed to escape that job, and she took her own inventions with her. She’ll end up helping Yooka-Laylee in their quest.


The beta demo for the game, called the Toybox, will come out this July to Kickstarter backers who chose that option when they pledged. It’s a spoiler-free, self-contained part of the game that demonstrates the platforming you can expect with the final release.